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graphist Ross Marisin
photographer Jean-Paul Loyer
design Elsa Bardout
photographer Charly Gosp
florist Cyrill Tronchet
photographer Lisa Raio
photographer Paul Roquecave
photographer Clémence Floris
artist Malak Medhat El Masry
photographer Alexis Gattepaille
hair_stylist Linda Barkallah
artist Audrey Deluc & Alex Ngo
fashion_designer Ka Wa Key Chow
model Pedro Quevedo
retourcher Danila Panfilov
photographer Alice Jacquemin
artist Gabrielle Berger
photographer Thomas Braut
artist Marco Zavagno
artist Emily May Studio Arts
photographer Olivier Ciappa
photographer Anthony D.
artist Serreh Burritt
artist Manuel Martín López
photographer Seb. ROBERT
fashion_designer Laetitia Berthier
artist Rainer Torrado
artist Fanny Viguier
actor Angie Russo
photographer Sophia Elmir
photographer Guillaume Highwire
photographer François de Rivoyre
design Pia Jacqueline Chandra
photographer Céline Fernbach
actor Aura Trentin
comedian Antonas Juliette
photographer Darren White
photographer Valentin Fougeray
photographer Michael Ortali
artist Israel Briones
photographer Hellena Burchard
photographer Margaux Hug
photographer Jason Stead
artist Jaime Beranyer Sanabria Lara
graphist Anaïs Loyer
fashion_designer Fernando Silva
actor Stephanie Rachel Swan
art_director Kim Boutin

Featured Creatives

Ross Marisin

Based in Mexico City, Mexico

I'm a Graphic designer and illustrator based in D.F., Mexico. I love Branding, Illustration and coffee. Worked for:  Pearson Editorial, Editorial Macmillan, CONAFE, Revisa Residente.  EK EDITORES,   Alebrije,  Published in:  Residente, Mail me art, ...

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Jean-Paul Loyer

Based in Paris, France

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Elsa Bardout

Based in Montreal, Canada

I'm currently studying Industrial Product Design. I want to solve problems in society by offering creative and practical solutions. Making people's lives easier while respecting the environment, motivates me. I love working in multidisciplinary teams ...

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Charly Gosp

Based in Paris, France

/ still life photographer based in Paris clients: PIERRE HARDY, ECLECTIC STUDIO, ARPENT, LE BON MARCHE, REVUE PROFANE, L'OFFICIEL HOMME / phone: +33 631 560 583 studio: 66 rue de la révolution 93100 Montreuil mail:

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